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Family tradition since 1981

Benefit from many years of our team’s expertise

sei-hund-und-katze-h420We support you throughout the complete process of developing your private label dog and cat food. To be successful in the highly competitive pet food market, SEITZ focuses on premium quality products. Based on your requirements we offer a customized production using quality raw materials.

We provide you with our many years of experience in nutrition physiology, manufacturing competence and market/product range expertise.

We make the smooth manufacturing of your products happen: labelled ready for sale, packaged ready for shipping, stacked on Euro pallets, ready for dispatch to your warehouse sites.




Over 35 years of excellence and competence in raw material purchasing and premium production


Selected, primarily regional suppliers ensure continuous access to the best raw materials.

For production, we offer a high-performance, state-of-the-art processing technology from the food industry, the capacity of which has been doubled in recent years.

Throughout the process, we apply comparable standards as for human food production.


Choose from a variety of product and packaging options


Our sources for your success at a glance


  • Selected and long-time suppliers
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Mainly regional
  • Secure raw material capacities


  • Consistent quality management
  • Highest quality standards (IFS-certified)
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Modern technology from the food industry
  • Flexible production management and doubled capacity


  • Idea finding
  • Recipe development
  • Brand & product design

We exactly know the trends and requirements of the market and offer a complete service to develop your product from scratch, if required. 

This includes a well-founded finding of ideas with corresponding market positioning and a finely tuned creation of unique recipes. 

SEITZ also supports brand and product design with new ideas and solutions from design experts. 


Premium pet food
from Nothern Germany
for your private label